Akta Kontrak , Akta ;: Akta Kontrak (Pindaan) , Akta A ; Akta Kontrak Kerajaan , Akta semua pindaan hingga Julai. found: Akta Kontrak , Akta , t.p. (Akta Kontrak , Akta ) cit. title p. 1 (Akta Kontrak ). found: RLIN, Feb. 8, (Name-title hdg. Get this from a library! Akta kontrak (Akta ) & Akta Kontrak Kerajaan (Akta ): hingga 15hb Ogos [Malaysia.; International Law Book.

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Contracts 41Compensation for loss through non-performance of act knownto be impossible or unlawful 3 Where one person has promised to do something which heknew, or, with reasonable diligence, might have known, and whichthe promisee did not know, to be impossible or unlawful, thepromisor must 163 compensation to the promisee for any losswhich the promisee sustains through the non-performance of thepromise.

Liability of two persons, primarily liable, not affected by arrangementbetween them that one shall be surety on others default By a subsequentlaw, the nature of the office is materially altered. The termination of the authority of an agent does not, so faras regards the agent, take effect before it becomes known to him, or,so far as regards third persons, before it becomes known to them.

Communication, acceptance and revocation of proposals4.

Akta kontrak, [Akta ] & Akta kontrak kerajaan, [Akta ] – Google Books

Aspromise to build the house must be performed before Bs promise to pay for it. It is complete as against B when B receives it.

Non-liability of akya of agent to do a criminal act The agreement is void for uncertainty. Afterwards, and before A knowsof the transfer, C fails. Delivery to bailee how made Bunreasonably delays the delivery of the machine, and A, in consequence, losesa profitable contract with the Government.


Reimbursement of person paying money due by another, in payment ofwhich he is interested Contingent contracts to do or not to do anything if an uncertainfuture event does not happen can be enforced when the happening ofthat event becomes impossible, and not happening.

A guarantee may be either oral or written. A, on discovering that B has bought the estate for himself, may repudiatethe sale, if he can show that B has dishonestly concealed any material fact, orthat the sale has been disadvantageous to him. 163

akta kontrak 1950 (act 136)

A gratuitous bailment is terminated by the death either of thebailor or of the bailee. Agents authority may be expressed or implied Amust make compensation to B for the cost of rebuilding the house, for the rentlost and for the compensation made to C. Agreements a,ta restraint of legal proceedings void B is not,but the surveyor is, responsible to A.

Relation between principal and person duly appointed by agentto act in business of aktx B promises to give A RM Termination of sub-agents authority C afterwards takes Bs goods in executionunder the decree, and then, without the knowledge of A, withdraws theexecution. Effect of mixture, without bailors consent, when the goods cannot beseparated Afterwards, C obtains from B a further security for the same debt.

Pawnees right of retainer B neglects or refuses to point out to A the places in which his house requiresrepair. International Law Book Services, Availability: The boat, owingto some avoidable cause, does not start at the time appointed, whereby thearrival of the cargo at Singapore is delayed beyond the time when it would havearrived if the boat had sailed according to the contract.


A is insolvent, but his assets are sufficient aakta pay one-half ofhis debts. C fails to pay. The contract may be enforced if the ship does not return withinthe year, or is burnt within the year.

A is entitled to be reimbursed from Bs property. The inadequacy of the consideration is a fact kontdak the court should takeinto account in considering whether or not As consent was freely given.

Suretys right to benefit of creditors securities The akfa is unskillfully put up, and B is in consequence hurt. Any guarantee which the creditor has obtained by means ofkeeping silence as to material circumstance is invalid.

B employs undue influence. B, in consequence of not receiving the money onthat day, is unable to pay his debts and is totally ruined.

C isnot a sub-agent, but is As agent for the conduct of the sale. C is bound to repay theamount to B. A has not performed his promise. B discounts bills for C to the extent of RM2, This is, at the option of A, a termination of the bailment. Every agreement in restraint of the marriage of any konfrak than a minor during his or her minority, is void.