August Kubizek quotes Showing of “It was not sympathy in the ordinary sense which he [Adolf Hitler] felt for the disinherited. “So, in spite of all apparent contradictions, this strange love of Hitler for Stefanie falls into the pattern of his character. The Young Hitler I Knew — August Kubizek. Introduction — H.R. Trevor-Roper. Editor note: Roper was a jew reporter with close ties to British Intelligence. : The Young Hitler I Knew: The Definitive Inside Look at the Artist Who Became a Monster (): August Kubizek, Ian Kershaw: Books.

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Dopo aver passato quasi un anno a Vienna il loro rapporto di amicizia era migliorato, ma August dovette tornare a Linz a causa del servizio di leva obbligatorio. But in most pictures dignity prevails over the “inquisitiveness” of the gaze. Only one thing might have separated us — if we had both fallen in love with the same girl; this would have been serious.

I leave it to the experts to give the final verdict. Any light on those undocumented years is welcome.

Böcker av August Kubizek

A truly amazing book. This atmosphere charged with political tension was more importantforthe intellectual development of the kubizfk Hitierthan anything he was taught. I learned fast and well. I see in the father’s character an explanation of the strange behaviour of the son, whose constant restlessness puzzled me for so long.

Thus the two things existed side by side in my young life: He did nothing but search, he searched everywhere and always.

Adolf walks and muses and gives oubizek speeches and seeks affirmation for his ideas through books. I never heard him say anything against him, in spite of their differences of opinion about his career.

To put it bluntly, the difficult pupil had been promoted only on the condition that he left. So well did he know him.

In spite of my love and devotion to my parents, the grownups did not mean very much to me. Adolf was particularly fond of the Miihlviertel. The stage manager directed me to the stage, where I was to replace the cushions in their frames. August Kubizek was a close friend of Adolf Kibizek when both were in their late teens.


His classmates, mostly from rich homes, did not accept as an equal the queer kubizeo who came daily to town “from the peasants. Thus I swayed between dream and reality. But fundamentally we see here what we have never seen before, and what superficial observers have never shown: The following year, Therese appeared; she died atthe age of four. It would have been absolutely natural if that little upholsterer with his auhust in his hand had stepped forward to the footlights and, at a sign from the conductor, had sung his part only to prove to the audience in the stalls, nay to an attentive world, that in reality he was not that pale, lanky fellow from the upholsterer’s shop in the Klammstrasse, but that his place was really on the stage in the theatre!

She was very handsome with her regular features, and her beautiful hair which was as dark as Adolf’s. My mother explained everything to me, and, as I came to master augus instruments, my appreciation of these concerts grew.

This enormous seriousness seemed to overshadow everything else. But probably I misunderstood Adolf in this respect. Auguat Hitler sill appears a drifting character: How often did he persuade me, when I came from my work, to take with me and study this or that book which he had just read so that he could discuss itwith me. It was imperative to be on one’s guard! This, August Kubizek gives. I had never imagined oubizek a man could produce such an effect with mere words.

He always remained attached to my parents. In the suburbs there were still the substantial, fortresslike farmhouses, and tenement houses were springing auguust in the surrounding fields where cattle were still grazing. All he wanted from me, however, was one thing – agreement.

For ttiese reasons the undersigned repeat ttieir humble petition for ttie gracious procurement of dispensation from the impediment of affinity. Frankenstein’s laboratory in augudt basement of his exalted castle.

There was an empty plot which could be built up instead. Iubizek took note of each other without exchanging a word. Butforthe time being it was still a matter of remaking dusty old mattresses and papering walls. I was too faraway to help her at once, butAdolf immediately jumped in after her and dragged her out. Her sorrow was the only thing that could persuade me to work harder.


Behind the outward kubize of his hand-to-mouth existence we see the inner purposefulness of his studies, his experiences, his reasoning.

Art had long since captured him. To sit with Jews many of which are friends of Kubizek’s or to pass up the opportunity to eat nut cake.

Klara Polzl had a miserable childhood in the poor and wretched home where there were so many children. It was shockingly accurate to the sketches Hitler drew up at fifteen.

August Kubizek – Wikipedia

As auugust be foreseen, the result was bad and remained so when he repeated his examination between September 1 and 15, Frau Klara helped to provide for the boy and the house in Urfahr was his touchstone residence and young August would provide the needed sounding board and co-contributor to the cost of rent in Vienna. We got on rather well with each other but Adolf was not particularly kubizem to her.

Being in the open had an extraordinary effect upon him. Without warning he collapsed in his chair. According to the enclosed death certificate ttie kubizsk has been a widower since 1 0th August of this kubizwk and is fattier of two infant children, a boy of two and a half Alois and a girl of one year and two monttis Angela for whose care he needs a woman-help as he, being a customs official, is away from his home the whole day and also often at night, and ttierefore hardly able to supervise the education and upbringing of ttie children.

One would visit well-to-do homes, one saw and heard a lot and, above all, in winter there was littie or nothing to do.