Skousen see’s America being cleansed by a “scourge”. There is no elaboration on the scourge other than the discussion of Charles Evan’s. The Hardcover of the The Cleansing of America by W. Cleon Skousen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. The Cleansing of America by W Cleon Skousen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Here are the highlights:. Here is what happens:. This almost sounds as though he hoped he might be able to do it at some future time. He came and spoke to me. For a more detailed review, see here: Some are upon us even now. I was interested in Joel’s vision and look forward to reading it for myself in the Bible when I get skouaen. He doesn’t clearly delineate how the timelines in America and Jerusalem will fall in line.

Cleon Skousen, a conspiracy-minded author and supporter of the John Birch Society. Nov 10, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: This was changed in But none of this happened. I liked that the author didn’t try to extrapolate more meaning than there is to be found in the original texts but ameruca did have an original idea of the sequence of events.

It’s ludicrous and ripe for corruption and abuse. Skousen organized cleansint non-profit educational foundation, named “The Freemen Institute. After he studied the document he gave a thundering warning which was first heard by the Trust Division of the American Bankers Association on August celansing, However, his primary purpose in revealing the unfolding of spectacular events which no one could have anticipated is so that we can better prepare ourselves.

However, even with amerida use of scripture and sound economic theory to back his views up, a great deal of what Skousen posits in these pages are, in fact, translated into his ideas of how things will work. This was explained to Wilford Woodruff the last time he was allowed to see Joseph Smith in the spirit world.

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But by no means is it exhaustive or the final word in the debate. This one is not one of my favorites.

Mormon Chronicles: Skousen, “The Cleansing of America” (reviewed by Kris Wray)

Due to these I’ll post some examplesI’ve adjusted my rating accordingly. A prophet named Joel — living several centuries before Ezekiel — used two whole chapters to describe the terrifying weapons of modern warfare which Gog would employ to set up his second dictatorship.

The third group to smerica reconstruct the western hemisphere will be the righteous gentiles who survive the cleansing. Skousen continued his involvement in law enforcement issues by working as the editor of the police journal Law and Order for fifteen years.

Inafter receiving his law degree and passing the Washington D. I love “signs of the times” stuff, and this book gave me more detailed information about such things than any book ever has before. Our desire for worldly goods, being comfortable at all times, putting a burden upon our brethren in other countries who are poor, getting rich quick, living beyond our means or needs, and going into great debt are things Skousen discusses, but without the context of the sins that cause the cleansing of America.

The Cleansing of America : W Cleon Skousen :

Look amrica what happened to the Native Americans The first sin that people usually commit is the failure to pay tithes and offerings. Cleon spoke about this in his last recorded conversation in when he spoke of John Taylor’s vision and how the cleansing will begin in the temple and then spread a,erica across the church and then the whole nation. If we do this, prosperity will be upon the inhabitants…prosperity will be upon the towns and cities erected by this people, the hand of the Lord will be over us to sustain us, and we will spread forth….


This entire speech was filled with fiery quotations from the American Founding Fathers predicting disastrous results if the United States ever allowed itself to be trapped within an international conglomerate of interdependent alliances.

But he suddenly stopped and said:. Reuben Clark, former U. Skousen does make one tiny step up out of that nonsense, however.

What we might Expect in the Next Twenty-Five Years

So if our calendar is accurate and apparently approved by the Lord, there is no question about the date of the opening of the seventh seal and the half hour of silence in heaven. In the very next section we are told the Church was set up by Joseph Smith under the guidance of the Holy Ghost and then it says:.

There are plenty of other gems Very eye-opening book on the current state of affairs with our society and how we’ve gotten on the road we are on.

I was much astonished. There isn’t any discussion of war or invasion by an outside force upon America, although he doesn’t say it WON’T happen. They rather just be surprised and have to deal with it “as it comes”.

How much better off would our nation be if we had followed his counsel instead of the politicians who have lied to us, taken our freedom and placed us in bondage? Ekousen and Modern Times. However, it serves well for referencing this material in future discussions. Then I read the full account of Charles D.