ITTF Handbook v2. GENERAL PROVISIONS. NAME. The Federation shall be called the International Table Tennis Federation, referred to. The rules used to be clearly laid out on the ITTF website, but since they and needs to be extracted from the ITTF Handbook, which is a pain as it’s a large PDF . PJS / Home. About Us. News & Tournaments. Officiating-TTAM. Coaching. Affiliates. Archives. More. © Copyright Table Tennis.

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Table tennis

A match shall consist of the best of any odd number of games. The first player to reach 11 with a 2 point margin wins the game.

How to serve in table tennis? Table tennis at the highest level. Archived from the original PDF on 14 December Unlike any of the techniques mentioned above, corkspin or ” drill-spin ” has the axis of spin relatively parallel to the ball’s trajectory, so that the Magnus effect has little or no effect on the trajectory of a cork-spun ball: Sincea team event has been played instead of the doubles. Goode who, ininvented the modern version of the racket by fixing a sheet of pimpled, or stippled, rubber to the wooden blade.

Like the backspin stroke, however, the axis of spin remains roughly perpendicular to the trajectory of the ball thus allowing for the Magnus effect to dictate the subsequent curvature. Paralympic sports and Winter Olympic sports.

Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc. Racquet sportindoor.

Official Table Tennis Rules –

For instance, though the opponent may smash the ball hard and fast, a good defensive lob could be more difficult to return due to the unpredictability and heavy amounts of the spin on the ball.

A block is executed by simply placing the racket in front of the ball right after the ball bounces; thus, handboko ball rebounds back toward the opponent with nearly as much energy as it came in with. In order to attack a push, a player must usually loop the ball handbook over the net.


ITTF currently includes member associations. Where to serve in table tennis? The New York Times Company. Archived from the original PDF on 4 March The block is a simple shot, but nonetheless can be devastating against an attacking opponent.

For other uses, see Ping-pong disambiguation. Retrieved 5 April In casual games, many players do not toss the ball upward; however, this is technically illegal and can give the handboo, player an unfair advantage. The table tennis official rules itf specified in the ITTF handbook. Japanese and Korean penholders will often use a square-headed racket for an away-from-the-table style of play. Play is fast and demands quick reactions.

Since only one side of the racquet is used to hit the ball, two contrasting rubber types can be applied to the blade, offering the advantage of “twiddling” handbooi racket to fool the opponent. Upon the possible last point of the match, the player with the lesser score serves.

The hook can even be used in some extreme cases to circumvent the net when igtf from the table. On the bounce, the topspin will accelerate the ball, much in the same way that a wheel which is already spinning would accelerate upon making contact with the ground. This generally happens if they miss the ball, hit it into the net, or over the end of the table.

Returning the serve is one of the most difficult parts of the game, as the server’s first move is often the least predictable and thus most advantageous shot due to the numerous spin and speed choices at his or her disposal. Table tennis was growing in popularity by to the extent that tournaments were being organized, books being iftf on the subject, [7] and an unofficial world championship was held in A rule to shorten the time of a match, it is mainly seen in defensive players’ games.

Service alternates between opponents every two points regardless of winner of the rally until the end of the game, unless both players score ten points or the expedite system is operated, when the sequences of serving and receiving stay the same but each player serves for only one point in turn Deuce.


The defensive lob is possibly the most impressive shot, since it propels the ball about five metres in height, only to land on the opponent’s side of the table with great amounts of spin. Continental competitions include the following:.

From untilthese were men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles. As this system is not standard across manufacturers, the only way a ball may be used in official competition is upon ITTF approval [23] the ITTF approval can be seen printed on the ball.

Blocks almost always produce the same spin as was received, many times topspin. Itgf topspin stroke has a smaller influence on the first ihtf of the ball-curve.

ttam | ITTF Regulations & Handbooks

Retrieved 1 September Top-quality players use this to their advantage in order to control the spin of the ball. The Origin of Ping-Pong Diplomacy: Retrieved 27 August The counter-hit is usually a counterattack against drives, normally high loop drives. Archived from the original PDF on 11 February In addition to games between individual players, pairs may also play table tennis. Gibb, a British enthusiast of table tennis, who discovered novelty celluloid balls on a trip to the US in and found them to be ideal for the game.

The following table presents an exhaustive list of all players to have completed a grand slam. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net.

Smashing consists of using a large backswing and rapid acceleration to impart as much speed on the ball as possible. It is possible to play defensive topspin-lobs from far behind the table, but only highly skilled players use this stroke with any tactical efficiency.

This means that a vote from a major table tennis super power like Chinacarries the same weight as a vote from a minor country like Djibouti. The axis of rotation is still roughly perpendicular to the trajectory of the ball.