LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Operations and Maintenance on Innovation in Operations (IO); Regional Priority (RP); Glossary. Suppliers’ definitions of these terms vary from supplier to supplier and from the USGBC offers this method only for a few select LEED credits that are often O&M plan: Operations and maintenance plan: a plan that specifies major system . Acronyms and Glossary of Terms.» Acronyms and . LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® ozone). O&M: Operation and Maintenance .

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During the Performance Period, the system must:.

A Facility Manager’s Guide to LEED-EB O&M Rating System

A highway generally connects cities and towns. It includes pavement, roadways, stonewalls, wood and synthetic decking, concrete paths and sidewalks, and concrete, brick, and tile glosssary.

It is defined such that a standard black surface initial solar reflectance 0. Within the LEED rating systems, there are a number of ways to achieve certification.

Also known as ongoing purchases. Financial support must be provided to a recognized land trust or conservation organization within the same state or EPA Level III Ecoregion or within miles for projects outside the Lwed States.

An equipment area is considered unoccupied only if retrieval of equipment is occasional. Clean waste excludes lead and asbestos.

Examples include school boards, local governments, and religious institutions. It is expressed in footcandles in the U. Wastewater from kitchen sinks sometimes differentiated by the use of a garbage disposalshowers, or bathtubs is considered blackwater under some state or local codes.


USGBC Perspective: Understanding Credit Options in LEED v4 O+M – Facilities Management Insights

Examples include skylights, ventilators, mechanical equipment, partitions, and solar energy panels. The plan considers future sustainable use, expansion, and contraction.

Under good weather conditions, civil twilight is the best time to distinguish terrestrial objects clearly. It must include an enclosed passenger seating area, fixed route service, fixed fare structure, regular operation, and the ability to pick up multiple riders.

Retailers may share some services and common areas. To count toward credit compliance, a program must be widely available.

It does not include irrigation ditches. Semiexterior consists of the elements of a building that separate conditioned space from unconditioned space or that encloses semi-heated space through which thermal energy may be transferred to or from the exterior or conditioned or unconditioned spaces e. Examples include graywater, on-site reclaimed water, collected rainwater, captured condensate, and rejected water from reverse osmosis systems IgCC.

The two options here represent flexibility for projects outside of the U. Black paint has a solar reflectance of 0; white paint titanium dioxide has a solar reflectance of 1.

When used in density calculations, glossagy land excludes public rights-of-way and land excluded from development by codified law.

A Facility Manager’s Guide to LEED-EB O&M Rating System – Facilities Management Insights

Lamp life for fluorescent lights is determined by testing three hours on for every 20 minutes off. During the Establishment Period, the project must have a permanent monitoring system to ensure ongoing building performance to the desired comfort criteria, as specified by ASHRAE Standard 55— For example, on a site with 10, square feet square meters of buildable land area, an FAR of 1.


The depth of the growing medium is an important factor in determining habitat value. This does not include any hotel loads producing electric power in the plant. Drift eliminators capture these droplets and return them to the reservoir at the bottom of the cooling tower or evaporative condenser for recirculation.

Reuse includes the recovery and reemployment of materials recovered from existing building or construction sites. Some states and local authorities allow kitchen sink wastewater to be included in graywater. Generally, the gross floor area is the sum of the floor areas of the spaces within the building, including basements, mezzanine and intermediate-floored tiers, and penthouses with headroom height of 7.

Such substances generally have much lower glkssary for atmospheric damage than manufactured chemical refrigerants. Adapted plants do not pose the same problems as invasive species. To conserve existing natural areas, restore damaged areas, and provide habitat and promote biodiversity.