OSGi in Action: Creating Modular Applications in Java [Richard Hall, Karl Pauls, Paperback: pages; Publisher: Manning Publications; 1 edition (May 1. For online information and ordering of this and other Manning books, please visit .. When Manning sent a flattering email proposing an OSGi in Action book to. OSGi in Action: Creating Modular Applications in Java. 4 reviews. by David Savage, Stuart McCulloch, Karl Pauls, Richard Hall. Publisher: Manning Publications.

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Camel in Action, Second Edition. You’ll learn to custom-tailor the OSGi platform, which manninh itself modular, and discover how to pick and choose services to create domain-specific frameworks for your business.

Declarative assembly using Blueprint. The persistence bundle 7.

Remote services and the cloud Managing permissions with Conditional Permission Admin. Building bundles Appendix B.


Oosgi Configuration Admin service. Because of its unique architecture, you can modify, add, remove, start, and stop parts of an application without taking down the whole system.

The what, why, and when of services. Learning lifecycle Chapter 4. Advanced component frameworks Jul 29, 4: Using the lifecycle API in your bundles.

Manning | OSGi in Action

Reviewing the benefits of the modular paint program. An OSGi framework primer 2. An architectural overview of OSGi. Packaging your enterprise OSGi applications 4. Putting it all together by extending Blueprint Object-relation mapping through JPA.

OSGi in Action: Creating Modular Applications in Java

Layered architecture to managing bundles. Lucene in Action, Second Edition.

Explains not just the shiny details but also the problems Spring Integration in Action. Holly Cummins and Timothy Ward. Dependency Injection Design patterns using Spring and Guice. Delving deeper into modularity 5.

Many examples and case studies show you how to build, test, and deploy modular web applications. Persistence pays off 3. Modularization and extensibility as application requirements. Improve robustness by testing your applications. Revisiting the auction application.

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Migration and integration Coping with the non-OSGi world I am asking to know which book might be more ideal for my needs. Decoupling bundles using services.